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Nervous before a first date with a provider

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Many clients have told me they were very nervous and anxious before our first date. I should confess sometimes that happens to me too especially when going to meet a new suitor. I think this is because first dates are always special, it makes us feel happy because we are going to meet someone attractive or interesting but at the same time, fear something could go wrong during the appointment. It is on the first date when you discover if you really feel safe and comfortable with your lover and if chemistry appears or if we can create a connection between us - it could be a delightful experience. 

I think before feeling nervous you should take into account some details:

- It can be useful to remember that everyone feels vulnerable on a first date. Most likely I am nervous too. I am a naturally shy person and my work as an escort doesn’t makes me an iron woman. I have insecurities, doubts and feelings just like you.I am a sex worker running her own business but that doesn’t mean I am cold or mechanical. I would love to get to know you and have a good time together. I love what I do and the adventure it brings to my life. 

-Forget your insecurities. I don’t really care if you are handsome or not, you could be attractive to me for other reasons like your politeness and personality. I am not racist, I don’t care if you are “old” or  about your size. I am an open minded, sapiosexual woman who will try to give her best to make you feel comfortable.

-Be positive. As long as you are worried about how you seem to another person, you're not going to enjoy yourself on a first date. Everything starts in your mind, when you have good thoughts and feelings you feel better with yourself. Try to think you are going to meet a girlfriend and we will create a pleasant experience together.

- Sometimes going straight to the sexual part is not the best option. If you can, book an appointment with some social time as this is the best way to break the ice. We could share a meal and a couple of drinks, tour the city, go to the theater, the cinema, a museum, the beach, go shopping, sailing or whatever you want; I am open to any kind of adventure.

-.Do not forget that although the first dates (and sometimes not only the first) can often seem the most important thing in the world, it’s only an appointment. So relax and let everything flow, if you're shy don't worry, I can always take the lead (I love this).


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