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Why did you block me?

When you are a companion, many people contact you with no intention of booking.  Most emails I receive are not from real or respectful clients so sometimes, for my mental health, I have no choice but to press the block button. 

There could be many reasons why I blocked you:

- You are sending me spam. Most escorts receive many offers a week from “webmasters”, photographers, agencies, new escort directories, sex shops and even witches … Many times they are kind of disrespectful, saying your website or photos are not good enough and that they can make it better - these definitely deserve to be blocked. 

- You contacted me more than 3 times without make a booking. My email is  for bookings, I understand you can have doubts but that is why I have  website/ social media/ blog  so you can get to know me for free. You just need to take your time and read. If you are bored that’s none of my business I am an adult entertainer for hire.  There is a world out there,find something better to do.

- Your message is racist, xenophobic, misogynist, disrespectful or entitled and tries to cross my boundaries. This disgusts me and I don’t want to know anything more about you. Blocked forever. 

- I have 5 missed phone calls from your number… Beside my number I wrote TEXT ONLY I DON’T TAKE CALLS. Which part  do you not understand? I have my reasons for avoiding phone calls , if you can’t respect that I don’t want you in my bed. 

- You send a copy paste about a fake booking every few months. Please get a life.

- You cancelled a date last minute without respecting my cancellation policy. Excuses don’t pay my rent. 

- You are annoying. You are writing many texts everyday, asking me for photos, wanting to chat, etc. I am a patient woman but don’t try to play your silly games with me. Respect my work and if you want to talk at least send a gift card that’s the best way to makes me feel intrigued about you.

- You are asking for a discount. The reply to this is always a big NO. If you can’t afford a lady you can save or you can contact someone within your budget. I hope you know if an escort gives you a discount it is not because you are handsome or cool, that is because she really needs the money and you are taking advantage of her. That makes you a shitty person and I hope you receive the bad experience you deserve.

- You refuse to follow my instructions about make a booking and insist we do it your way or nothing. No, if you want to make the rules then you can create your own escort ad.

- You don’t want to give me your cellphone number or hotel room number . I think if you insist on contact by email only and don't let me verify details, it is because I already blocked you or you want to give me a fake date. 

Probably there are more reasons I can’t remember at this time. I hope you understand sex workers are people too and we deserve the same respect as any other person.  We have enough dealing with social stigma so be nice, read her ad, blog, website and only contact if you really want an appointment or to support her business.